Use Promo Code: 855921995

How to Redeem:

To get your special Farm Bureau Member Discount when ordering you must either:

  1. Present your state Farm Bureau’s unique discount number (855921995), or
  2. Register here to establish your own Grainger account using your state Farm Bureau’s Unique discount number, or
  3. Fill out this form to register your existing Grainger account with your state Farm Bureau’s unique discount number.

To be sure you get the Farm Bureau discounts, ALWAYS reference your state Farm Bureau’s unique discount number (855921995) when visiting your local branch or when setting up your account online!

To order:

Call Toll Free: 1-888-361-8649

Go Online:

Go to your local Grainger Branch Location Consolidate Your Purchases and Save with Grainger:

With Grainger’s extensive product inventory, you can avoid time wasting and costly hassle of searching numerous suppliers for your tool and supply needs. Grainger already stocks a huge selection for you.

And remember, 24/7 access to it all is just a click away on®.

A Description of a Farm Bureau Member Savings:

A Member of Farm Bureau, when using their Farm Bureau discount number to order supplies and products from Grainger, saved an average of 26.65% off catalogue prices**, including:

55.17% off electrical appliances

35.29% off adhesives and sealants

24.74% off hand tools

28.04% off HVAC and refrigeration

30.57% off lighting

33.51% off motors