Verizon Wireless Business Savings for Washington Farm Bureau Members

Your company may be eligible to receive special savings from Verizon Wireless. These benefits are the result of an agreement negotiated by Washington Farm Bureau and Verizon Wireless to help you save some money!

The Verizon discount offered through Washington Farm Bureau is set up for customers with a Verizon Wireless Business Account, and a Voting or Business membership with the Washington Farm Bureau.


This Verizon discount program through Washington Farm Bureau offers you:

  • 20% off any voice line of service that is $34.99 a month or more.
  • 20% off any data line that is $24.99 a month or more.
  • 25% off of most accessories, and access to special discounts on handsets.
Exclusive Verizon Discounts for Eligible Farm Bureau Members (PDF)


To qualify your Verizon account, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your Verizon Wireless account is a Business Account (under a tax ID number, not a social security number).
  2. Your Verizon Wireless Business Account is in the same farm name or agricultural business name as your Farm Bureau membership.
  3. A minimum of 85% of your income must be derived from your farm or agricultural business. This must be confirmed in an email.
  4. Your Verizon Wireless Business Account has a minimum of 5 lines. These lines may include handset lines and M2M lines (Machine to Machine data lines).
  5. None of your devices are participating in the device payment program.


To start the discount process please provide information to verify the 5 requirements above to this email:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The Washington Farm Bureau has negotiated a Verizon deal for Farm/Ag Businesses.  Basically, any Farm or Ag Business that generates substantially all of their revenue from agriculture and is a Farm Bureau member will be able to apply for a 20% Farm Bureau discount off Verizon Wireless lines of $34.99 or higher.


How does it work?

You can reach out to Verizon via email , a Verizon representative will then contact you with instructions to set up the discount for your Farm/Ag Business. If your Verizon account is in your personal name, you will need to change it over to the farm or ag-business name prior to sending us the application.  If you need a consult before taking this initial step, please email or call Jenni at or 360-357-9975.


Does this program affect my existing contract or timeline with Verizon?

You will still have control of your Verizon account like before, but you will be required to switch your account from a personal account to a business account.  This may require a bit of paperwork on your part, but once you have completed the process, you won’t have to do it again.  When talking to your Verizon contact, please ask them about the pros and cons of a business account before proceeding.


What does the discount apply to?

The 20% discount will apply to components of a plan that are over $34.99.  For example, if FB member John Doe has a primary line for $50/month, his wife has a data plan for $39, and he has added a line for his child for $10, the discount would apply to the husband and wife, but not the child’s $10 add on.  All members under a Farm Bureau/Verizon program qualify for a 25% discount on most Verizon accessories.


Does the Farm or Ag Business need to sign up before their employees?

Yes.  The Verizon agent will need to first speak to the head or authorized individual of the Farm or Ag Business to set the discount in place, then the Verizon agent can assist with helping Farm or Ag Businesses access the discount for their employees.


What is the discount for employees of a qualifying Verizon Discount – Washington Farm Bureau Ag Business Member?

Employees of Companies that meet the requirements above are eligible for a 19% discount (16% plus 3% for using paperless online billing) on a personal account under a Social Security#.

Simply being a member of the Farm Bureau will not qualify you for the employee discount, you must be the employee of the Farm Bureau registered company that has 5 business lines on a Tax ID# and is currently set up with Verizon for the 20% discount.