Agriculture Community Remembers President Bush

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WASHINGTON AG NETWORK – One thing many in the Ag industry remember about former President George H. W. Bush was that he was a staunch supporter, and took great interest in farmers.  Back in April 1989, Americans farmers were still reeling from the 1980’s financial crisis, add on top of that a historic drought in 1988.

“Economic stress in rural areas is not just numbers and statistics and bushels of wheat, its people and pride and sweat and families that need help now.”

And, the President said beyond disaster payments and what was, at the time, a limited use by farmers of crop insurance, “The best thing we can do to help the American farmer is to get these interest rates down. And, the best way to do that is to make the tough decision on the spending side of our budget. We’ve got to get the deficit down.”

Which he said would boost the economy, including the farm economy, and that’s something that’s been said by almost every President since then.  President Bush’s funeral will take place today in Washington D.C.

Posted By: Washington Ag Network News Source, December 05, 2018

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