WCA Reacts to Possible RFID Requirements

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WASHINGTON AG NETWORK – GLENN VAAGEN – The Washington State Department of Agriculture is looking to make RFID tags required hardware for cattle, and possibly livestock across the Evergreen state.  According to Washington Cattlemen’s Association Executive Vice President Sarah Ryan, one of the two rules in the CR 101, would move producers from a metal tag currently used for vaccinations to an RFID.  She said the RFID would cover all illnesses that Washington Producers could face, trich, bangs, tuberculosis, or any other significant problem the WSDA is addressing.

“And the WCA, depending on how that rule falls out and the timing of it, is supportive of a transition to RFID tags for official programs.”

The second rule states every animal would have an RFID before in leaves that property.  That rule has less clarity for the WCA.

“The Washington Cattlemen’s Association, frankly did not see that coming, and so we don’t have a stance on that.  Our executive board and our board of directors are working through those rules and trying to figure out how does the Washington Cattlemen’s Association play and what does that impact on our members.”

Once again, Sarah Ryan, WCA Executive Vice President.

Posted By: Glenn Vaagen on: January 25, 2018


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