WSU Onion Field Day Takes Place Thursday

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WASHINGTON AG NETWORK – GLENN VAAGEN – The 2017 Washington State University Onion Field Day will take place Thursday at Weyns (wines) Farm outside of Othello.  WSU’s Tim Waters told the Washington Ag Network this annual event is a great way to look ahead to spring.

“It gives growers and salesmen kind of a good idea of how those varieties are performing, so when they go to buy seed for next year, it kind of cues them in to what they might want to look at, things they might want to add to their program.”

Waters added this year, there will be 50+ varieties to inspect.  He added these field days are also good for WSU, Oregon State and USDA researchers.

“It’s a good opportunity to get the industry together, to hear about current research.  And then to also talk with those researchers to give them feedback about things growers and consultants see and it kind of aims our research for the coming year about what we should be working on.”

Click Here, to learn more about this year’s WSU Onion Field Day.


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