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Did you know that contributions to the WA State Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (PAC) can be made online!

Our PAC focuses on races for the state Legislature and statewide offices. The criterion for support is willingness to support Farm Bureau Policy and our priority issues. Political affiliation with a particular party is not required. 


The purpose of the PAC is to expand, promote and complement the activities of the WA Farm Bureau and its members.


We work across aisles, parties, and affiliations to protect and promote agriculture and rural values. Relationships with legislators are key. Your generous contribution will help us cultivate and maintain those relationships and help advance our work at the Capitol.


To be successful, we need the support and involvement of WA Farm Bureau members like you who believe lawmakers must preserve Washington’s agricultural heritage by:

  • Protecting farmers from burdensome taxes, fees and regulations
  • Protecting access and promote expansion to an affordable agricultural water supply 
  • Verifying environmental and land-use regulations are practical, non-conflicting, agriculturally productive and scientifically sound.
  • Ensuring a stable, legal work force
  • Improving farm-to-market access
  • Continuing to expand access to rural broadband


Contributing is easy! Just fill out the form below! NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL! Every bit of support will aid in the pursuit of our mission and every dollar makes a difference!



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