Workplace Safety and Worker Comp Claims Management Consulting Services

Any time one of your employees is injured, it costs your company. The loss can be in production, hiring and training a replacement, rescheduling work, or the loss of a project or job. Plus, the injury will cause your worker compensation premium rates to go up.

Risk Management –

Employers control losses by preventing workplace illnesses and injuries and helping injured workers return to work. In doing so, a farm can bring down the cost of doing business and make a better workplace for all of your employees. We have three programs designed to fit your business’ profile, and they all deliver assistance with Safety Training, L&I Claims Management, and L&I compliance inspection preparation.

Safety –

We help enrolled Farm Bureau members to create safe, healthful workplaces, and to reduce the number of on-the-job accidents and injuries. Our Safety Directors conduct on-site workplace evaluations and provide training services in accident prevention. In the event of a severe worker injury, we will conduct an on-site assessment to help members learn from the accident and prevent a reoccurrence.

Claims –

Unfortunately, injuries do happen. When a work injury occurs, we provide claims management services to our enrollees and reduce the costs of the L&I claim. Our trained and experienced claim consultants aggressively and proactively manage worker injury claims to ensure L&I takes timely action to bring claims to resolution as quickly as possible, which results in keeping costs down.

Representing Enrolled Member Needs –

We help ensure our enrolled members be compliant with state and federal regulations, and we serve as a liaison between the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) and members on industrial insurance claims.

WFB Safety/Claims Program Details

Three Safety/Claims Programs





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If you believe in a safe workplace and want to manage risk to control costs, please fill out the

Safety/Claims Program L&I Authorization Form and send it to us so we can help you begin the application process.

FAX: 1-360-705-0419 or email

If you have questions about enrollment contact Richard Clyne, Director of Safety/Claims, at 1-800-357-9975 ext. 132 or email.