The Farm Bureau Difference

Our successful history is by design. It is what we call the Farm Bureau Difference. Washington Farm Bureau has been serving agriculture and related industries for over 100 years. We understand the needs of our members. Our history and success in agriculture are why FB Safety is in a field of its own.

When it comes to L&I claims management programs, Washington Farm Bureau has been around since the beginning — 1984. Washington Farm Bureau started its program to be more than just a financial benefit to our enrolled members. The FB Safety program includes safety training, safety program development, L&I inspection preparation, claims management, and member education.

Why Choose FB Safety?

Teamwork: Our team works with your team. Our Field Staff comes to your farm or ranch to assess risk, help you develop a safety plan and a safe work environment, help you understand the L&I inspection process, and how to be compliant with State and Federal laws.

Experience: We are the oldest and largest L&I Claims Management plan serving agriculture.

Safety: We are committed to improving safety in the workplace for our enrolled members. We have full-time safety directors who provide professional field safety inspections, risk assessments, and educational classes. Our safety programs have been nationally recognized and continue to set new benchmarks in agricultural accident prevention.

Claims Monitoring: We have in-house claims managers who aggressively monitor L&I claims, doctors, a wide range of healthcare provider service, and vocational counselors. They work with enrolled members to ensure injured workers receive appropriate care and help get them back to work as quickly as possible.

Diversification: Our large and diversified number of risk classes means we spread the risk. Since we work with all of agriculture statewide, we don’t have concentrated risk in just one type of business or geographical area.

The Right Fit: The rules in working with L&I have changed over the years requiring a move away from the original L&I model of Retro/Safety. FB Safety has evolved and adapted its program to appropriately serve enrolled members, so it fits the agricultural business profile. We have designed the following three Safety/Claims programs for agricultural businesses who believe in workplace safety, want to manage risk, and be more profitable.



If you believe in a safe workplace and want to manage risk to control costs, please fill out the Safety/Claims Program L&I Authorization Form below and send it to us so we can help you begin the application process.


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Use the links below to access/download workplace safety posters and information. 

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