Start submitting your photos now! Cash prizes and awards will be given out at the annual meeting in November. Email your photos to to enter!

Find the 2020 photo contest rules, here.

YF&R 2021 Calendar Fundraiser

Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to sell raffle tickets for our WFB annual meeting. In it’s place this year we have decided to pivot and sell 2021 calendars as our only fundraiser in 2020. The calendar features previous photo contest entries with pictures of agriculture from around our state! Please contact your local County Farm Bureau YF&R committee member or message the YF&R Facebook page to claim yours today! We only have a limited quantity available so be quick before they run out!

Calendars are $15 each – cash or check only please! Make checks payable to WFB and in the memo specify the YFR Calendar.

Harvest For All

COVID-19 has the world and communities reeling in numerous ways and because of it’s econo,mic devastation, many peole are finding themselves without jobs resulting in long lines and supply chain issues at food banks. Harvest For All is a national campaign that has been backed by the American Farm Bureau Federation for years. Now more than ever is time to help out your local food banks. Not only do they need food donations, but they also need volunteers. If you find yourself in the situation where you can help out, we ask that you take a picture of your receipt from your donation or time card and send it to The copy of your receipt will be added to our states annual total and be turned into AFBF as the end of the year. If possible, there is an emphasis on donating peanut butter to food banks because of it’s high level of protein and shelf stability. Your help is beyond appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Contact us today! | YF&R Coordinator, Caleb Gwerder,