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Harvest For All

COVID-19 has the world and communities reeling in numerous ways and because of it’s econo,mic devastation, many peole are finding themselves without jobs resulting in long lines and supply chain issues at food banks. Harvest For All is a national campaign that has been backed by the American Farm Bureau Federation for years. Now more than ever is time to help out your local food banks. Not only do they need food donations, but they also need volunteers. If you find yourself in the situation where you can help out, we ask that you take a picture of your receipt from your donation or time card and send it to The copy of your receipt will be added to our states annual total and be turned into AFBF as the end of the year. If possible, there is an emphasis on donating peanut butter to food banks because of it’s high level of protein and shelf stability. Your help is beyond appreciated. Thank you!

Congratulations to our Washington State 2020 Discussion Meet Champion, Emma Winker from King County!

Emma is currently at senior at Washington State University where she is studying Agriculture and Food Business Economics with minors in Agriculture Systems and Crop Sciences. Although Emma did not grow up with a traditional agricultural background, she dreamed of being a turkey farmer at age 4. While Emma no longer aspires to be a turkey farmer, her passion for agriculture has grown through leadership and work experience in the industry. She has gained experience in the agriculture industry through internships and jobs doing everything from research at the Knott Dairy Center in Pullman to interning with CGB Enterprises in Indiana. After graduation, she hopes to continue to grow her experiences and knowledge in order to help better the industry as a whole.

Emma will be competing in the National Collegiate Discussion Meet April 27th – May 1st. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the YFR Conference in Louisville, KY was cancelled, and the discussion meet will now be held virtually!

Special thanks to our sponsor, CHS Foundation, for their support of the event which will allow YFR to award $15,000 to competitors!

Thank you to our sponsors!

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