WAEF Helping Kids and Businesses with Internships

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The Washington Apple Education Foundation is celebrating another successful summer of internships with their students and tree fruit industry businesses.

Executive Director Jennifer Witherbee said they try to find students who match up with a business for mutual benefits.

“They’re seeking talent. They would love to be able to bring some young people to their organizations and begin that process of training them into leadership roles and some are struggling with finding candidates for that.”

Witherbee said they love to work with employers who support WAEF with donations and the kids who are the scholarship recipients.

If there are businesses interested, Witherbee said they just need to reach out.

“There is a lot to it and thankfully there have been some great successes in the industry, some firms that have done it really well and they’ve been willing to share information.”

Posted By: Kevin Rounceon: Washington Ag Network