35,793working farms
in WA
67%farms under
50 acres
Icon: Apples$2.4 billion
Icon: Milk$1.2 billion
Icon: Wheat$691 million
Icon: Potatoes$687 million

Washington Farm Bureau invites you to work with your neighbors to enhance the quality of life in your community and the unique ways agriculture touches our lives.

WFB Membership supports programs that ensure the growth of safe, affordable, high-quality food for you and your family. Your contribution will advance the Washington agricultural economy by advocating for family farms and ranches, developing opportunities for young farmers, providing student scholarships and grants, supporting local food efforts, creating food literacy programs for kids, ensuring water quality, promoting farmland preservation, and more.

If you are an agricultural producer or agricultural business, membership is $125 or less depending on your county.

If you wish to support Washington Agriculture through the Washington Farm Bureau as an Associate Member, membership is only $20.

Your return on investment will come through affordable high-quality food, a vibrant agricultural economy, and a financial return. Also, by taking advantage of member discounts on goods and services you normally buy, your financial return can be at least five times your annual membership dues.

Economic Impact in Washington

  • $10.6 Billion Revenue from 39,500 farms and ranches
  • Agriculture adds 164,000 Jobs through production, processing, transportation, and sales, agriculture ads to the Washington economy.
  • Agriculture is 12 percent of Washington state’s overall economy.
  • Food Processing & Manufacturing generates $20.1 billion in revenue and creates 40,000 jobs.

Export Value

  • Agriculture is Washington state’s second-largest export category.
  • Washington state is the 3rd largest food and agricultural exporter in the United States.
  • Over $6.7 billion in food and agricultural products exported through Washington ports in 2015, the third-largest in the United States.
Source: Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)
WDSA Agriculture Infographic
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