2019 Washington/Oregon Potato Conference Kicks Off Tuesday

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WASHINGTON AG NETWORK – GLENN VAAGEN – The three day Washington/Oregon Potato Conference get underway in Kennewick Tuesday.

Brandy Tucker with the Washington Potato Commission said they will have a wide variety of classes benefiting growers from across the Northwest.  Unique this year, the Wednesday keynote speaker, Pablos Holman.

“He is a world renowned hacker and inventor, so, he’s going to talk to our growers about the way they can help protect their companies and their personal lives, with all the hackers that are out there.”

In addition to the latest research from Washington State and Oregon State, participates will enjoy the yearly potato bar, the Spouses Program and the Spud-athon.  Tucker said because of the way the calendar fell, the Washington/Oregon show is taking place at the same time as the Idaho Potato show.

“We were a little worried, we’ve never been on the same week, we’re usually a week later and so we thought we’d lose some of our vendors, but we didn’t lose any.  Clearly the vendors love our show as much as we do, so definitely, I think people should come on out, and take a look at what we’ve got.”

To learn more about this year’s Potato Conference, or to register, check out the Washington Potato Commission’s Website.

Posted By: Glenn Vaagen, Washington Ag Network, January 22, 2019