A message from your WFB Team…

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From left to right: Rick Gastelum, C.F.O. & Business Manager, Bailey Peters, Public Relations Specialist, Tom Davis, Director of Government Relations, John Stuhlmiller, Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin Tindall, Policy and Membership Specialist, Suzanne Carson, Business Development Manager, Caleb Gwerder, Policy and Membership Specialist, David Stuhlmiller, Publication Specialist, Bre Elsey, Associate Director of Government Relations. Various staff not photographed, click here for an entire staff list.

 Greetings all. 

I would like to take a moment on behalf of the entire WA Farm Bureau team to say that we are thankful and proud to be a part of the state’s largest and most impactful agricultural organization. It truly is a privilege to serve you. 

A century ago the WA Farm Bureau was created to provide a single, impactful voice for our state’s farmers. What was true 100 years ago remains true today – Farm Bureau provides its members with a unified voice that continues to achieve results on your behalf. 

It is an understatement to say this year has played out far differently than any of us could have predicted. In spite of COVID-19, we remain extremely busy doing the regular work to support you all as well as responding to the many new challenges brought on by the virus. For instance, we have been in court challenging the legality of the governor’s proclamations impacting farming and we continue to lead the effort to distribute sanitizer and masks to farmers across the state. To date, we have handed out 53,000 gallons of sanitizer and 431,445 masks! 

We have had major public policy wins, a few losses, and in this time of isolation and separation we continue to seek new ways to help keep us all connected. 

We know you are busily engaged in feeding our communities and the world, and that many of you are facing various new challenges like home-schooling, and navigating the new business climate with ever-changing regulations and programs. We know the last few months have not been easy, and we hope you know you’re not alone. You’ve got a great team working for you. 

Being on the front line of resources is a top priority for our team. As new resources for safety, education, and financial relief become available, our staff is actively updating the WA Farm Bureau website (WSFB.com) and sharing through a variety of means to keep you informed. One way we are enhancing our communication is by providing additional informative podcasts and online safety webinars. On top of this, our safety team is going above and beyond to help meet your farm and ranch safety needs across the state. 

During this unprecedented time, we hope you know you can look to us for support, resources and guidance. We remain committed to helping our members through these challenging times. Like you we are looking forward to a time where we can look back at these difficult months in our rearview mirrors.

Until then, keep up the hard work, keep your heads held high and feel free to reach out to our team at any time. We are here to help. 

I also have one request of you. Please help us keep you in the loop. 

To do so, we need your email to be able to share urgent updates and just generally inform you on agricultural happenings. We will ONLY use your email to help share important information, and we will never waste your precious time. So please, email me at jstuhlmiller@wsfb.com so we can ensure we have a current email for you. We will continue to mail information and post things on social media and our soon-to-be revamped website, but having your email will make it easier and less expensive to keep you connected.