What is Agricultural Promotion and Education?

Washington Farm Bureau works with other agricultural education groups in Washington to help educate both young people and adults about farming practices in Washington.

Learn more about the Foundation for Agriculture

The mission of the Foundation is to build awareness, understanding, and a positive public perception of agriculture through education. To learn more about what the Foundation is doing to tell the story of agriculture and correct misconceptions about agriculture, click here.

Who serves on the WFB Agricultural Promotion and Education Committee?

De Dennis
Robyn Meenach
Lynda Pheasant
Amy Krautscheid
Linda Clerf
Joy Wilson
Barb Gady
Hal Meenach
Dean Farrens
Shan Trick

Ag Education Materials Available


WFB-Commodity-Map-poster-2007Enjoy a fascinating overview of Washington agriculture with the“Fresh Taste of Washington” commodity map produced by the Washington Farm Bureau.  The 2007 poster profiles the state’s $32 billion food and agriculture industry that contributes 12 percent of the state economy and employs 160,000 people.  The poster is a great visual teaching tool.

For a free copy of the 24″x36″ poster, contact Kevin McCoy or call (800) 331-3276. Please provide your name, phone number, and shipping address in order to receive the poster.

In a state widely known for the production of jet planes and computerCelebrate Agriculture in Washington software, it’s easy to forget that Washington is a leading farming state, contributing to the state economy more than $8.32 billion in farmgate value and $42 billion as a combined food and agriculture industry.

“Celebrate Agriculture in Washington” is a 86-page presentation that outlines the most current facts, figures, and unique characteristics of Washington agriculture. Learn about the seven growing regions of the state and how agriculture is flourishing as a result of the various land characteristics, geography, and climates in Washington.


Ten Things Kids Want To Know About Farming
“Ten Things Kids Want to Know About Farming,” a 22-minute educational videotape for Grades 4-6 produced by the American Farm Bureau Foundation, is available for loan from the Washington Farm Bureau.

Also available is “Exploring Planet Pizza,” a 12-minute video for grades 4-6 that explores where the ingredients come from for the typical pizza, including wheat, tomatoes, cheese and meat topping. Includes lesson plans, workbook pages, and fun activities.

Addressing Misconceptions About Agriculture
An exciting 2006 publication and instructional package for grade levels 8-12 and all public audiences to address misconceptions about agriculture, nutrition, and the environment. “Addressing Misconceptions about Agriculture” may surprise, or even shock the learner. Each of the issues presented has been carefully researched and documented. Primary sources of information and peer-reviewed research are the basis for the positions taken. For more information, including how to order a copy, visit http://www.ageducate.org/news/misconceptions.html.

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