Total Economic Impact

$51 Billion Revenue

Agriculture is 12 percent of Washington state’s overall economy.

Through production, processing, transportation, and sales, agriculture ads 160,000 Jobs to the Washington economy.

By Category

Agriculture production from 39,500 farms and ranches produced $10.16 billion in crops and livestock.

Top 10 Commodities

$2.18 Billion
$1.29 Billion
$1.01 Billion
$ 792 Million
$ 706 Million
$ 675 Million
$ 385 Million
$ 279 Million
$ 225 Million
$ 202 Million



In addition to the top 10 commodities listed above, the Evergreen State is a major producer of nursery/greenhouse, stone fruits, farm forest products, fish, shellfish, onions, and mint oils.
Food Processing & Manufacturing generates $17.5 billion in revenue and creates 40,000 jobs.
Source: Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)

Export Value

  • Agriculture is Washington state’s 2nd largest export category.
  • Washington state is the 3rd largest food and agricultural exporter in the United States.
  • Over $15.1 billion in food and agricultural products exported through Washington ports in 2013, the third largest in the United States.



126 CropMap2015 Farms and Revenue by county (2)




Click maps for a larger view.127 CropMap2015Food Processing Revenue and Jobs by county (2)

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