Americans Encouraged To Mark National Ag Day

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WASHINGTON AG NETWORK – GLENN VAAGEN – Tuesday is not only the first day of spring, but it’s also National Ag Day, 2018.  Established by the Agriculture Council of America, the day was created to help educate the growing population who has not only never been on a farm, but has no familiarity from where our food comes.  Don Tourte said the American farmer does so much, from feeding and clothing the nation, to addressing the needs of those internationally.

“You know, we’re here feeding the world, it’s not just about those of us in the United States, but the American farmer helps to feed the world which keeps relative peace throughout the world.”

Throughout the day, Tourte hopes those in the non-ag world take a few moments to thank the farmers in their lives.  And he said yes thank-you can be as simple as having a lunch at your child’s school to appreciate food our children enjoy, or you can be a little more proactive.

“Set something up in  local mall where you have that opportunity to have someone who is a little more fluent in ag talk if you will, to share some of the things about “Happy Ag Day” and “Did you know?” and quote a few things like that.”

Over the next couple of days, ACA will have roughly 100 college students in Washington D.C. delivering the message of the importance of Ag Day.

Posted By: Glenn VaagenWashington Ag Network – March 20, 2018