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Barricade Fire Gel is on the U.S. Forest Service Qualified Products List and has been the subject of coverage on the “Today Show,” CNN, and other national television broadcasts.

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Barricade Fire Gel earns EPA “Champion” Award

Barricade Fire Gel is the only fire chemical to receive the prestigious “Champion Award” from our nation’s E.P.A. We received this award for our industry-leading commitment to use only a safe surfactant in our revolutionary fire gel formulation. EPA defines safer surfactants as those that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds. EPA states that Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, commonly referred to as NPEs (found in other brands of fire gels), DO NOT MEET this definition. NPEs and their breakdown products are toxic to aquatic life! BARRICADE FIRE GEL IS THE ONLY LIQUID FIRE GEL CONCENTRATE THAT HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR USE BY THE U.S. FOREST SERVICE THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN NPEs OR PETROLEUM DISTILLATES! We are proud of our progress in developing a safe, highly effective fire gel, and we believe that producing the safest product possible is important to our role as a steward of the environment and public health. Most losses occur not from direct flame impingement but from embers that enter a structure from miles away.  Now you can encapsulate your structure and belongings in a wet blanket that will last approximately 8-24 hours.  Unlike any other products, our gel can be rehydrated and maintained to last for days. Barricade forms a unique thermal protective gel-coating that stops fires from burning homes, structures, vehicles, fuel tanks, and other flammable objects. Barricade protects against radiant heat, direct flames, flying brands & burning embers. Barricade is specially formulated to adhere to all exposed surfaces, including walls, overhangs, wood shake roofs, metal or fiberglass surfaces and glass windows. When mixed with water from an ordinary garden hose or a big fire hose, Barricade also can be used on grass, trees, and shrubbery to create a firebreak Barricade Fire Gel can help to greatly reduce your costs and minimize losses from wildfire.  Barricade is the best tool currently available for exposure protection.  Barricade is an American firefighter owned business. Our Fire Gel products are “green” and are made in a “green” facility.


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