All across Washington state, counties host fairs and rodeos you don’t want to miss!

The summer sunshine brings many opportunities to get outside and enjoy all the Pacific Northwest offers. For many communities across the country, summertime means county fair season. Through the months of July – September, fair season is in full swing, and communities are coming together to display the previous year’s hard work and labor, triumphs and struggles, traditions and values. When you think about your local fair, what comes to mind? Delicious fair food, thrilling carnival rides, or sweet animal exhibits? There’s truly something for everyone at the county fair.

The first American fairs were established as a place to bring animals for judging and interaction with the public. This evolved into many genres for competition and different classes based on age. This evolved into what is a modern-day livestock sale that often accompanies a local fair. No longer can you only come to the fair to show your animals; you can also show your fruits and vegetables grown in your garden and many other skills such as sewing, baking, canning, and more!

Today, the fair is where you can see all age ranges enjoying each other’s company, sharing with visitors, and exploring energizing exhibits! To see a young child stand proudly next to their fair animal, explaining the love, time, and effort it took, is inspiring for those young and old. These young agriculturalists are passionate and immensely dedicated to educating and providing a product for their community. They develop skills in public speaking, bookkeeping, animal husbandry, and many character traits that come with being responsible for an animal.

Similarly, you see excitement and contentment from those who have participated in all that the fair offers for many years.

So, where do you come into the picture? The possibilities are truly endless. Investing in youth through the livestock sale is a great way to support a 4-H or FFA member and benefit from having homegrown meat to savor. You could become an exhibitor yourself by entering a photo, Lego structure, or garden flower to be on display. Often at the fair, there are fun and engaging shows such as live music, comedy acts, and hypnotists. Not to be forgotten, vendors sell apparel, food, and gifts. And if you aren’t sold yet... there are often competitions, parades, and giveaways that can be found too!

If you’re wondering how to find a fair in your area, check out Washington Farm Bureau Instagram @WashingtonFarmBureau to see a complete list of Washington Fairs and Rodeos for the upcoming months! We hope to see you there!

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