Farm Bureau Creed

We believe…

  • In the American competitive enterprise system.
  • That man’s search for progress should be encouraged by maintenance of opportunity, not hindered by illusions of security.
  • That a person should be rewarded in accordance with his or her productive contribution to society.
  • That every person is entitled to own property, earn money honestly, save, invest and spend as he or she chooses.
  • That the Constitution is the basic law of the land.
  • That government should operate impartially in the interest of all.
  • That government’s regulatory functions should be based on law.
  • That government should provide only minimum controls and aids.
  • That government should stimulate, not discourage, individual initiative.
  • That propagandizing by government is dangerous to the maintenance of self-government.
  • That monopoly, whether by government, industry, labor or agriculture, is dangerous.
  • That voluntary cooperation is a part of the American system.
  • That all candidates for public office should state their beliefs with respect to communism, socialism or capitalism
  • All these undergirded by our Religious Faith.