How Farmers Markets Have Changed

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Farmers Market Week wraps up tomorrow, but that won’t stop the work for the farmers and other vendors who rely on the markets for their livelihood.

Sylvia Albertin has been working farmers markets for nearly 30 years said she has seen a lot of change in all that time.

“People don’t buy in volume anymore. They buy like they buy in the grocery store, two or three pounds. They don’t buy bushels and boxes and crates of stuff anymore. People don’t can as much. When they want to can, they go out to the farm itself, not so much to the farmers market.”

Albertin also noted that there are far more farmers markets now to maximize the convenience for people who want to buy.

For many of the vendors, Albertin said this is not just a hobby.

“We making a living at it. Most people here, that’s what they do. They don’t have a day job or something extra. I would say over 50 percent, this is their prime source of income.”

Albertin participates in six markets in the Tri-Cities area, something she said takes a lot of her time.

Posted By: Kevin Rounce on: August 12, 2016
Washington Ag Network
Picture: Pasco Farmers Market Sign – Kevin Rounce