Industry Expansion Workshop Focuses on Need for Better Grapes

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The Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers is partnering with WSU and WSDA for an Industry Expansion Workshop Thursday, October 27th.

Program Manager for WAWGG Sara Cornell said a 2015 survey showed five percent annual growth in the industry through 2019.

“When acreage expands, so does the demand for planting stock. So we’re going to be taking a look at sourcing planting stock, clean materials and the implications of clean versus not clean.”

Cornell hopes to educate the industry and allow them to be familiar with the pros and cons of clean or not clean, legal versus illegal, propagating a vine and more.

With the industry expanding as robustly as it is, Cornell noted that growers are having to make choices about where and what to get for planting.

“Clean planting stock is important because that reduces the great concern, the great risk associated with viruses, disease, pests that could have huge negative consequences for the industry.”

WAWGG members get a discount for the event that takes place at the Clore Center from 1:15 until 4.


Posted By: Kevin Rounce Washington Ag Network

Industry Expansion Workshop Focuses on Need for Better Grapes