Legisletter — March 11, 2015

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At 5 p.m. today the Legislature reached a significant deadline – the House of Origin cutoff date. In most circumstances, bills that failed to make it out of their house of origin are considered dead for this session.

To help give you a high-level view of what bills are still alive that we have been tracking, we have put together the following list for you. Please note this does not represent the complete list of bills on our tracking list, but it does contain the most important bills.


House of Origin Cutoff Bill List

Bill Title Status Sponsor Position
Ag Lands
HB 2046 Streams, definition in SMA S Passed 3rd Dent Pro
ESSB 5347 Flood plains/ag land, etc. H Ag & Nat Resources Hobbs Pro
SSB 5622 Agency land use actions H Environment Sheldon Pro
SSB 5733 Livestock movement reporting H Ag & Nat Resources Warnick Monitor
HB 1627 Unlawful land entry/hunting S Natural Resources Schmick Pro
SHB 2128 Dept of Agriculture fees H 2nd Reading Hudgins Neutral
SB 5015 Dairy inspection program H Ag & Nat Res Honeyford Pro
SB 5017 Honey bee products, services S Ways & Means Honeyford Pro
SB 5555 Irrigation district authority H Local Govt Warnick Pro
SB 5556 Irrigation district admin. H Local Govt Warnick Pro
SHB 1105 Operating supplemental budget 2015 Signed into law Hunter Neutral
HB 1106 Operating budget 2015-2017 H Approps Hunter Neutral
SHB 1314 Carbon pollution market program H Approps Fitzgibbon Con
ESHB 1639 Government surveillance technology (drones) S Law & Justice Taylor Pro
SB 5499 Nefarious drone enterprise H Public Safety Roach Pro
ESB 5091 Nuclear energy as alternative energy S Passed 3rd Brown Support
SB 5094 Hydroelectric generation H Tech &  Econ De Brown Support
SSB 5113 Small modular reactors H Tech &  Econ De Brown Support
SHB 1127 Ag labor skills and safety S Ag/Water/RurEcD Chandler Monitor
HB 1355 Minimum hourly wage increase S Commerce and La Farrell Oppose
HB 1356 Sick & safe employment leave S Commerce and La Jinkins Oppose
SHB 1496 Vocational rehabilitation S Commerce and La Sells Support
ESHB 1646 Equal pay and opportunities H Passed 3rd Senn Concerns
SSB 5418 Cat. injured workers S Passed 3rd Keiser Support
SSB 5451 Vocational rehabilitation S Passed 3rd Braun Support
SB 5468 Stay-at-work & self-insured H Approps King Support
ESB 5510 Workers’ comp benefits S Passed 3rd Braun Support
ESB 5513 Structured settlements S Passed 3rd Braun Support
SHB 2017 FFA license plates H Passed 3rd Klippert Pro
ESSB 5987 Transportation revenue H Trans King Monitor
ESSB 5988 Additive trans funding H Trans King Monitor
SSB 5989 Transportation funding bonds S 2nd Reading King Monitor
ESSB 5990 Trans projects/sales, use tx H Approps King Support
ESSB 5991 DOT/env leg stew acct funds H Cap Budget King Support
ESSB 5992 Ferry vessel construction H Trans King Support
ESB 5993 Public works contracts, proj H Labor King Support
ESSB 5994 State trans corridor projcts H Environment King Support
ESB 5995 Mobility/trans system goal H Trans King Support
ESSB 5996 DOT transportation projects H Trans King Support
ESSB 5997 Trans project delivery H Trans King Support
EHB 1187 Water banking best practices H Passed 3rd Chandler Concerns
SHB 1793 Alternative water procuring S Ag/Water/RurEcD Lytton Concerns
E2SHB 1836 State drought preparedness S Ag/Water/RurEcD Stanford Pro
ESB 5014 Water banking best practices H Ag & Nat Res Honeyford Concerns
SSB 5018 Water, underground storage H Ag & Nat Res Honeyford Pro
ESSB 5407 Instream flow rules, effects S Passed 3rd Pearson Pro
SB 5491 Reservations of water H Ag & Nat Res Parlette Pro
SB 5628 Infrastructure/water, etc. S Ways & Means Honeyford Concerns
SSB 5965 Base and min. instream flows S Passed 3rd Warnick Pro
Water Quality
E2SHB 1472 Chemical action plans H Passed 3rd Fitzgibbon Con
SHB 2107 Wolf conservation and management H Passed 3rd Kretz Pro
SSB 5583 Species status/F&W comm. S Passed 3rd Dansel Pro
SB 5712 Damage caused by wildlife H Ag & Nat Resources Pearson Pro
SB 5750 Property tax, DFW-owned land S Ways & Means Parlette Pro
SSB 5960 Wolf conservation and management H Ag & Nat Resources Dansel Pro
Wildfire Management
ESHB 2093 Wildland fire suppression H Passed 3rd Kretz Pro