Legisletter – Week 7 – February 29, 2020

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Today is the 47th day of the 60-day session. 13 days remain and we expect bills to be moving at a feverish pace. For those that have been following along, today is the second important policy cutoff date and next Monday is the fiscal committee cutoff. And since we’re talking about cutoffs, a week from today is the last day to consider bills from the opposite house. So both the House and Senate will spend a lot of time on the floor next week voting on bills.
In the midst of all the legislative activity, we held our 2020 Legislative Ag Day this past Wednesday. Farm Bureau members from across the state attended and helped distribute ag commodity bags. This is a great way to connect with legislators and their staff as well as help showcase the diversity of our Washington grown goods.
Additionally, Washington Farm Bureau was recognized for our Centennial year through a resolution on the Senate Floor. This was an incredible honor and a great event to showcase our membership. Many friends of Farm Bureau in the Senate spoke highly of our organization and farm and ranch families. You can listen to the resolution, here.

WFB Bill Tracking Bill Status Report

High Priority Bills


Bill # Abbrev. Title Short Description Status Sponsor Position
E2SHB 1110 (SB 5412) Greenhouse gas/transp. fuels Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels. S Transportation Fitzgibbon Oppose
E2SHB 2311 (SB 6272) Greenhouse gas emissions Amending state greenhouse gas emission limits for consistency with the most recent assessment of climate change science. S Ways & Means Slatter Oppose
HB 2947 Firearms safety measures Establishing firearms-related safety measures. H Finance Valdez Oppose
ESSB 6261 Farm labor contractor system Strengthening the farm labor contractor system by removing an exemption for nonprofits, prohibiting retaliation and the use of farm labor contractors in certain circumstances, and establishing liability for related violations. H Rules R McCoy Neutral
SSB 6306 Soil health initiative Creating the Washington soil health initiative. H RDANDP Liias Support
ESSB 6440 (HB 2689) Workers’ comp medical exam Concerning industrial insurance medical examinations. H LAWSDPA Stanford Oppose
E2SSB 6518 Pesticide, chlorpyrifos Reducing prenatal exposure and harm to children by limiting environmental exposure to certain pesticides. H RDANDPA Rolfes Neutral
SSB 6628 Greenhouse gas/fossil fuels Concerning emissions of greenhouse gases. S Rules 2 Carlyle Oppose

Medium Priority Bills


Bill # Abbrev. Title Short Description Status Sponsor Position
HB 1983 Natural resource management Concerning natural resource management activities. S Ag/Water/NR Maycumber Support
SHB 2712 Beef country of origin Requiring retailers to indicate the country of origin on beef sold to the public. S Ag/Water/NR Kretz Oppose
SHB 2714 (SB 6498) Riparian easement carbon value Valuing the carbon in forest riparian easements. S Ag/Water/NR Hoff Support
EHB 2819 (SSB 6578) Pumped storage projects Designating pumped storage projects located in a county bordering the Columbia river utilizing statutorily authorized water rights to be projects of statewide significance. S Rules 2 Mosbrucker Support
2SSB 5947 (HB 2095) Sustainable farms and fields Establishing the sustainable farms and fields grant program. H RDANDPA McCoy Support
SSB 5972 Additive trans funding Concerning additive transportation funding and appropriations. S Transportation Hobbs Oppose
ESSB 6012 Renewable energy incentives Promoting renewable energy through modifying tax incentives. H Finance Hawkins Support
ESSB 6147 Shoreline armoring Concerning the replacement of shoreline armoring. H RDANDPA Salomon Oppose
ESSB 6324 District financial reporting Concerning special purpose district financial reporting. H Local Govt Takko Support
SB 6350 (HB 2659) Vehicle taxes & fees Limiting state and local taxes, fees, and other charges relating to vehicles. S Transportation Fortunato Support
SB 6363 (HB 2592) All-terrain vehicles Concerning tracked and wheeled all-terrain vehicles. H Trans Takko Support
2SSB 6382 Meat and poultry processing Concerning state-inspected commercial custom meat facilities. H RDANDP Ericksen Support
ESB 6421 Farm internship program Extending the farm internship program. H Rules R Muzzall Support
SSB 6488 Aerial herbicides/forestland Concerning aerial herbicides in forestlands. H RDANDPA Rolfes Oppose