MARS Designed to Provide Latest Information to Ranchers

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“When I was growing up as a kid, I used to go to an auction with my uncle to buy cows,” said Joe Gaynor, with USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service “And he always wondered why the guy at the front that sat on a cell phone is buying cows or deciding not to buy cows. He was always at an information disadvantage.”

To address this information disadvantage, USDA has introduced a new electronic data platform that presents current commodity price information from all stages of the marketing chain.

“To be able to provide a product that he can use it or somebody that’s doing the same kinds of things, selling vegetables at the farmer’s market, they have some information and I think that’s really where market news fills the gap.”

The new platform is called the Marketing Analysis and Reporting Services, or MARS.

“Right now it’s filled with dairy information, but over the next year we’re going to continue to migrate the rest of our commodities into there.”

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Posted By: Washington Ag Network News Source on: February 26, 2018