Support Washington Agriculture and become a member today!

  • We all want safe, affordable, high quality food.
  • We all want a robust Washington economy.
  • Ensure the food supply chain stays intact. It is about food security for all of us!
  • Your Washington Farm Bureau Membership will continue to make that happen.

Membership Enrollment & Renewal Application Form:

Open this Membership Application form, download the form to make it a fillable file, complete the interactive pdf form and save the file to your computer before you attach to an e-mail addressed to Jenni Budde:

To obtain a printable copy of the Washington Farm Bureau membership application Click Here 

Please fill out the application and send it via:

US Mail:

Jenni Budde
Washington Farm Bureau
975 Carpenter Road NE, Suite 301
Lacey, WA 98516


FAX:       1-360-705-0419   Attention:  Jenni Budde

Questions please call Jenni Budde at 1-800-331-3276

Questions in Spanish please call Luis Isiordia at 1 509 594 5801

Annual county membership fee is to be sent in at the time of enrollment or renewal.


What’s in it for me…

Membership supports programs that ensure the growth of Washington food and farms, such as advocating for good government policy, developing opportunities for young farmers, providing student scholarships and grants, supporting local food efforts, creating food literacy programs for kids, water quality, farmland preservation and more.

Although we have many farmers as members, you don’t have to be a farmer to join our cause. Today, it doesn’t matter if you grow food or purchase it, Washington Farm Bureau invites you to work with your neighbors to enhance the quality of life in your community and the unique ways agriculture touches our lives.

See a list of our member benefits.


Three Categories of Washington Farm Bureau Membership

Review the categories below, and select the membership that is appropriate for you.


Agricultural Membership allows you voting privileges and all the benefits associated with that responsibility.

As a member, you stay informed on pressing issues that affect agriculture and your livelihood.

Have your voice heard in your county, the legislature in Olympia, and in the national government!

If your business has an agricultural income of more than $2,500 per year, it is the Farm Bureau policy that you may become an Agricultural

member, please join us!


If you own a licensed business, are doing business in Washington State, and want to support Washington

Agriculture’s ongoing work to maintain “safe – affordable – high quality food” along with

a robust Washington economy“, please join us!



Non-farm, non-business Washington resident. Must have a valid Washington mailing address. ($20 annually)

If you want to maintain the food supply chain, food security, and ensure

Washington farmers continue to feed the world, please join us!


Note: New MembersIf you are a new Country Financial customer please contact your representative to enroll.

Please use the Country Financial application available through your representative.

Find a country financial agent.

Membership Dues:

Associate memberships (non-voting) are available for a $20 annual fee.

Agriculture and Business Membership annual dues are by county and can be found, here.

If your business has an agricultural income of more than $2,500 per year, it is the Farm Bureau policy that you may become an Agricultural member.