New York Post: Farmers Resilient After Trade Difficulties

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AFBF NEWS – Salena Zito quoted Farm Bureau sources in a New York Post article on those in agriculture who support the Trump administration even after facing trade difficulties.

“Farmers have been one of the hardest-hit blocs of voters in Trump’s trade standoff with China, which has retaliated with tariffs on American crops,” noted Zito. ”Yet, despite a flurry of national stories warning that farmers are moving away from Trump because of his trade policies, a recent Gallup survey showed that 53 percent of rural residents approve of the job the president is doing.”

Zito discussed how America’s farmers and ranchers are resilient. “They are the men and women who not only put food on the table here in the United States but across the globe. The hours are awful, the yearly dividends are uneven, and yet they shy away from complaints,” she explained.

The article featured Farm Bureau members Paul Molesky, AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee chair; Cala and William Tabb of Mississippi; and Megan and Todd Dwyer of Illinois. Molesky, Mrs. Dwyer and Mrs. Tabb are members of AFBF’s Grassroots Outreach Team.

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Posted By: AFBF Posted On: July 22,2019