NEWS RELEASE: WFB applauds appointment of Derek Sandison as WSDA director

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Washington Farm Bureau applauds appointment of Derek Sandison as director of state Department of Agriculture

Olympia, Washington

Washington Farm Bureau President Mike LaPlant applauded today’s announcement that Derek Sandison has been named director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).


“Derek has made a career of effectively managing challenging issues in a respectful manner with a diverse group of stakeholders,” LaPlant said. “A great example of this is his work as the director of the Office of Columbia River.”


John Stuhlmiller, chief executive officer for Washington Farm Bureau echoed LaPlant’s comments.


“What makes Derek stand out is his ability to build bridges and work with others to find answers to very complex issues,” Stuhlmiller said. “His work at the Office of Columbia River (OCR) and on the Yakima Integrated Water Resource Management Plan are two great examples of Derek’s work with agricultural, environmental and tribal interests to find answers that work on the ground.”


The OCR was created by legislation Washington Farm Bureau pushed for in 2006. OCR water solutions have added billions of dollars to the eastern Washington tax base, brought thousands of new farm acres into irrigation, and made more reliable water supplies available for farms and rural communities in times of drought.


WSDA is very important to the state’s agricultural industry, and it is critical for the department to be led by a proven administrator, said LaPlant.


“Derek fits that role perfectly,” he said. “We believe he will be a tremendous director of the Department of Agriculture, and we look forward to working with him in this new role.”


Sandison was appointed on Thursday to this new role by Gov. Jay Inslee.