October is National Farm-to-School Month

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October is National Farm-to-School month and Washington schools are way ahead of the game with 94 percent of schools carrying Washington grown produce and about 300 schools have their own garden.

Washington State Department of Agriculture Outreach and Education Coordinator Chris Iberle said this month will allow them to highlight the program and the various ways it’s implemented.

“Another big component of farm to school are the educational piece, whether that’s getting farmers in the classrooms or cafeterias to educate about agriculture or getting kids into school gardens.

All of these options allow kids to learn where their food comes from, and about the business of farming.

The theme for this year’s National Farm-to-School month is “One Small Step” and Iberle said that’s a good message for growers who have yet to look to work with the program.

“Those kinds of opportunities are definitely happening across the state and using Farm-to-School month is a good opportunity to start those kinds of relationships off whether it’s through sales or through education.”

Schools can be a consistent, successful market for growers and Iberle said the opportunity to see food grown first-hand is invaluable for kids.

Kevin Rounce

Washington Ag Network http://washingtonagnetwork.com/2016/10/18/october-national-farm-school-month/

Picture: Kevin Rounce