We know elections matter. We have seen many elections determined by a handful of votes. Recent polling has indicated that as much as 1/3 of eligible voters have already decided not to vote. This means your vote is even more significant. We strongly encourage you to vote in the upcoming General Election.
The outcome of this year’s election is significant. From Congress to local government, we have many races before us. We also have several ballot measures needing your attention.
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So, get out and vote and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote!

Mike LaPlant
WFB PresidentJohn Stuhlmiller
Chief Executive Officer


Voter Guide

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To help you in your decision making, WFB has taken a position on I-1634 and I-1631:

WFB urges a YES vote on I-1634 to keep groceries affordable.

Local governments across Washington are looking to raise revenues and one idea they’re looking at is new taxes on food and beverages. People feel taxed enough and can’t afford new taxes on what they eat and drink. Washington’s tax structure already places a greater burden on working families than any other state in the country.

Heaping taxes on everyday grocery items will raise our cost of living and make it even harder for working families, small businesses and their workers to get by. That’s why “Yes! To Affordable Groceries” is working to prevent new burdensome grocery taxes from advancing in local communities across Washington. Click here for more information.

WFB urges a NO vote on I-1631 that creates a carbon tax.

The revenue created by this tax will make no difference to the state’s carbon footprint, but the financial impact will have a direct and detrimental impact on family farmers.

Because farmers and ranchers use petroleum products (including plant protection products and fertilizers) we will pay more to grow the food, feed, fiber and fuel that our state, nation and the world rely upon. Additionally, shipping costs will go up.

Since we cannot pass these costs on, our families will pay the price for this ill-conceived tax. Please vote NO. Click here for more information.



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About our PAC

The Washington Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (WFB PAC) exists to help elect officials who understand, appreciate and support agriculture in Washington.

The WFB PAC is truly a grassroots process. PAC decisions originate with our members on the local level. Each County Farm Bureau appoints a Candidate Evaluation Committee, which interviews and evaluates candidates. These committees make recommendations to their County Farm Bureau Boards of Directors. Once approved, the recommendations are forwarded to the WFB PAC State Board of Trustees.

The 12-member WFB PAC State Board of Trustees then reviews the county recommendations and determines which candidates to endorse. The trustees also make decisions about campaign contributions to endorsed candidates.

The WFB PAC is non-partisan. Endorsements are based on the candidates’ understanding and support of the agricultural community and Farm Bureau policies.

Contributions are made from a WFB PAC fund that contains voluntary contributions from Farm Bureau members. No dues or other Farm Bureau funds are used to support candidates.

For more information about the WFB PAC, contact John Stuhlmiller at