Powell’s Books is one of the best book stores in the country and probably beyond.

Powell’s Books has a world class selection of offerings that include literature, science, foreign languages, DVD Movies, Audio Books, Gifts, Cards and More. You will find new and used books on the same shelf. Great value in the used books you have always wanted to read but have yet to treat yourself. If you are ever in Portland Oregon, you owe it to yourself to explore this downtown landmark bookstore with multiple linked buildings over a city block. This store will transport you through time and space. As an added bonus, you will find the ownership and staff at Powell’s Books are nice helpful people.

Washington Farm Bureau is pleased to announce we are now partners with this great online bookstore Powells.com.

You get this great selection, value, and a place to sell your used books. WFB gets a small percentage of the sale to support Washington State Agriculture when you buy through this portal.

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