State Farm Bureau Communicators Honored for Outstanding Work

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FB NEWS – The American Farm Bureau Federation honored top communications specialists at the organization’s National Communications Conference. Texas and Pennsylvania took home the most honors, including awards in news, media relations and video production.

Following is a list of the winners. Winners of larger state membership competitions are listed first. Combined competition categories will only have one winner.​

Best News Story:

Texas – Julie Tomascik;

Pennsylvania – Liam Migdail.

Best Feature Story:

Texas – Julie Tomascik and Ed Wolff;

Oregon – Anne Marie Moss.

Best Single Blog Item, Editorial or Column:

North Carolina Farm Bureau – Adam Tesh, Mike Garlow and Lynda Loveland;

Pennsylvania – Darrin Youker and Liam Migdail.

Best Newspaper or E-newsletter:

Illinois – Chris Anderson, Margie Fraley, Dan Grant, Kay Shipman and Deana Stroisch;

Pennsylvania – Lorraine Potochney-Kobold, Liam Migdail, Joel Rotz, Holly Cohick, Bill Zeiders and Kim Flegal.

Honorable Mentions to California and South Carolina.

Best Magazine:

Virginia – Greg Hicks, Pam Wiley, Kathy Dixon, Sara Owens, Claire Mills, Pat Hooten and Maria La Lima;

Wisconsin – Amy Eckelberg, Sarah Hetke, Lynn Siekmann and Marian Viney.

Honorable Mention to California.

Best Member/Leader Newsletter:

Ohio – Joe Cornely, Gayle Lewis, Pat Petzel, Lynn Snyder, Joyce Spangler and Kelli Milligan Stammen;

Pennsylvania – Liam Migdail and Bill Zeiders.

Best Graphic Design:

Florida – GB Crawford, Corey Darnell, Alex Lucas, Amanda Overstreet and Rachael Smith;

Minnesota – Kristin Harner, Jodi Ketter and Eileen Madsen.

Best Audio News Story, Feature Story or Commentary/Editorial:

Ohio – Leah Curtis and Joe Cornely;

Montana – Chelcie Cargill and Lane Nordlund.

Best Video News Story:

Texas – Pedro Rosas and Ed Wolff.

Best Video Feature Story:

Texas – Pedro Rosas and Ed Wolff.

Best Promotional or Education Video or Ad:

Georgia – Whitney Mooney;

Nebraska – Cassie Hoebelheinrich.

Best Website:

Mississippi – Alex Lowery, Jon Kalahar and Mark Morris;

Colorado – Taylor Szilagyi and Shawn Martini.

Best Unique Tactic or Execution:

Ohio – Adam Carney;

Pennsylvania – Tonya Wible, Holly Cohick, Lorraine Potochney-Kobold and Liam Migdail.

Best Public Relations Campaign:

Illinois – Mike Orso, Lori Laughlin, Rachel Torbert, Tamara Nelsen and Adam Nielsen;

Colorado – Shawn Martini and Taylor Szilagyi.

Best Media Relations Event:

Mississippi – Jon Kalahar, Alex Lowery, Karen Miller and Mark Morris;

Pennsylvania – Mark O’Neill.

Dave Lane Award for Media Relations Excellence:

Illinois – Rachel Torbert and DeAnne Bloomberg;

Pennsylvania – Mark O’Neill.

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