Washington Farm Bureau Launches 2024 Legislative Session Advocacy with Focus on Agricultural Priorities

Monday, January 8, marked the first day of the 2024 Legislative Session. Bridget Coon, 1st Vice-President of Washington Farm Bureau (WFB), issued the following statement as Washington Legislators returned to Olympia:


“As we embark on the 2024 Legislative Session, the Washington Farm Bureau stands at the forefront of advocating for the needs and concerns of our state's agricultural community. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, providing food and other basic needs, employment, and economic stability to countless families across Washington.


“In the upcoming session, we look forward to working with legislators from across the state to prioritize policies that support a thriving and resilient agricultural sector. Our core priorities for this session are to:


  1. Mitigate agriculture labor cost increases, including overtime.
  2. Decrease burdensome regulations, taxes, and fees.
  3. Protect access and promote expansion to an affordable agricultural water supply.
  4. Support voluntary conservation efforts rather than proscriptive buffer regulations.
  5. Reduce transportation costs from farm to table.


“Washington Farm Bureau is committed to working collaboratively with legislators to craft policies that uplift our agricultural community, which benefits our entire state. By fostering a supportive legislative environment, we can support the success and sustainability of Washington's farmers, ranchers, and agricultural businesses.


“We look forward to engaging in meaningful dialogue with our elected officials throughout the legislative session to address these and many other crucial issues. Together, we can work to strengthen the future of Washington agriculture.”

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