Tulip Town up for sale

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MOUNT VERNON — Tulip Town, a cornerstone of Skagit County’s annual Tulip Festival, is up for sale.

The 30-acre farm is being listed at $1.95 million. The price includes equipment for planting, harvesting and shipping tulips, according to an ad.

Tulip Town co-owners, husband and wife Tom and Jeanette DeGoede, have been an integral part of the Tulip Festival since its inception in 1984. They are now ready to retire.

“Tom is 84. I’m 79,” Jeanette DeGoede said. “We’re getting to an age where we want to make sure (the farm) goes to someone who’s worthy of keeping the tulips going.”

She said preserving Tulip Town’s role in the festival is important to both her and her husband, and that will weigh heavily as they make a decision on who to sell to.

“It’s a community that’s worked together to make this happen,” she said. “Tom and I couldn’t have done this on our own.”

Cindy Verge, executive director of the Tulip Festival, said while the news doesn’t come as a surprise, it does cast some uncertainty on the future of the festival.

“Tom and Jeanette are absolutely jewels to work with,” Verge said. “They’ve been enormous supporters of the festival.”

She said she hopes the farm ends up in good hands and continues to be part of the fabric of Skagit County.

Jeanette DeGoede said there have been a few offers for the property.

“We’ll always be there to volunteer,” she said. “It will be our next endeavor to give back.”



Picture: Scott Terrell – Skagit Valley Herald