USDA Awards Washington Apple Funds To Promote Trade

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WASHINGTON AG NETWORK – GLENN VAAGEN – The Washington Apple Commission will receive nearly $8,457,600 through the USDA Agricultural Trade Promotion Program.  The ATP program, funded at $200 million, will develop and grow export markets to mitigate adverse effects of trade conflicts with foreign countries.  The ATP funds allocated by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service to various agriculture commodity groups will be used to increase promotional efforts and alleviate the impact of additional costs and challenges in export markets during trade disruptions.

Washington exports one-third of its fresh apple crop and 90% of U.S. apple exports originate from Washington.  40% of the state’s apple exports are shipped to Mexico and China, where they face retaliatory tariffs of 20% and 40% respectively. India is another top market that is currently threatening a 25% tariff on U.S. apples.

“We appreciate the USDA’s support of the apple industry and their understanding of the challenges we are facing due to retaliatory tariffs in our export markets. This funding will be key to building markets and reducing the impact on Washington apple producers,” says, Washington Apple Commission President Todd Fryhover. “We are thankful for the work and diligence from the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service in assessing and determining funding.”

Posted By: Glenn Vaagen, Washington Ag Network, February 01, 2019

Picture: Washington Apple Commission President Todd Fryhover