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Special Savings for Members of the Washington Farm Bureau

For Business:

Your company may be eligible to receive special savings from Verizon Wireless.  You may extend these benefits to your employees. The employees will need to use the company’s member number to obtain the discount.  These benefits are the result of an agreement negotiated by Washington Farm Bureau and Verizon Wireless to help you save some money!

In order to set up an account and take advantage of these discounts, each Washington Farm Bureau member company must sign its own agreement with Verizon Wireless. Existing members who already have Verizon Wireless must complete the agreement as well. The new contract will supersede any existing contract.

For information on a business account please email:

Some restrictions may apply:
To be eligible a voting or business member must derive an annual income of $2,500 or more either directly or indirectly from agricultural endeavors.

 Exclusive Verizon Discounts for Eligible Farm Bureau Members (PDF)