LACEY, WA - The Washington Farm Bureau is proud to celebrate National Volunteer Week and recognize the many dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and energy to support the agriculture community.

National Volunteer Week, which takes place from April 18th to April 24th, is an opportunity for organizations across the country to thank and recognize volunteers who give their time, skills, and resources to help others.

In the agriculture industry, volunteers play a crucial role in supporting farmers and ranchers, promoting agricultural education, and advocating for policies that benefit the industry. From serving as 4-H club leaders to organizing fairs and events, volunteers are an essential part of the agriculture community.

"Washington Farm Bureau is proud to recognize the many volunteers who contribute their time and resources to support the agriculture industry across our state," said Rosella Mosby, Washington Farm Bureau President. "These dedicated individuals are the backbone of our grassroots, volunteer-based organization, and we are grateful for their commitment to promoting and protecting agriculture in our state."

Volunteers in the agriculture industry often work behind the scenes, but their impact is significant. From supporting local farmers to promoting agricultural education in schools, volunteers help to ensure the sustainability and growth of the agriculture industry.

Join the Washington Farm Bureau in recognizing the many volunteers who have made a difference in their communities and in the Farm Bureau! Their dedication and service does not go unnoticed.

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