Washington Farmers Benefit from WSDA Trade Missions

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WSDA was part of a trade mission to Hong Kong and Shanghai recently that discussed market possibilities, women in agriculture and much more.

International Marketing Program Manager Joe Bippert represented WSDA on the trip and said he gets to meet with his counterparts in other states to discuss potential projects.

“The other side of that, that’s really beneficial for the state department of agriculture is our interaction with USDA’s agricultural trade offices. Being able to talk with them about the work that they’re doing in business development for U.S. ag companies.”

Bippert said he was also surprised by the amount of support from USDA on women in agriculture, and thought that could lead to programs in the state.

It is common, Bippert noted, that the conversations can take a while, but he felt this recent trade mission might buck that trend.

“I think the benefit will actually, in this case, be realized fairly quickly. A cheese promotion in Hong Kong is something that the Hong Kong office was looking at doing in October. If we’re able to take advantage of it immediately then we can start shipping product.”

A trade representative from Hong Kong is in Washington this week to be introduced to some Washington cheese and wine.


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