Washington Horticulture Ranked 9th Nationally

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When Washington Agriculture is discussed, most often wheat, apples or potatoes are discussed.  However, Washington has become a leader in the Horticulture industry.  Latest numbers from the USDA ranks Washington 9th nationally in Horticulture.  WSDA’s Cindy Cooper said the state continues to expand it’s horizons with garden plants, Christmas trees and more.  She says it’s a common misbelief that all of the plants you see at a Washington nursery are grown in the Evergreen state.

“The nursery industry like every other industry is hugely integrated so we import most of the nursery stock that’s sold here in the state  largely from Oregon from Canada, California, Florida, it certainly is a national industry.”

Cooper add while the horticulture industry in Washington does not do much research and development, there’s still enough to keep the WSDA busy.

“There’s always the threat of a new weed species coming in either as an ornamental plant that’s for sale, or as a containment in in another thing, so a lot of research dollars are spent on that.”

According to the USDA, California, ranks #1 nationally in horticulture, while Florida comes in at #2, while Oregon comes#3 state nationwide.

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Washington Horticulture Ranked 9th Nationally