Washington Organic Sales Near $515 Million

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Washington remains one of the leaders nationally in organic production.  In 2014, Washington’s total gross value of sales of organically produced goods hit $514.9 million, 9% of the total gross value of U.S. organic sales that year.  Of the 716 organic farms, 643 were certified organic with the remaining 73 exempt to do a lack of sales.

By far the top organic product in 2014, apples at $210.179 million.  The number two organic commodity was grapes at $195.288 million.  Other top commodities include cherries at $27.07 million and pears at just under $21.7 million.

Rounding out the top eight includes fresh blueberries at $15.5M, sweet corn at $14.87M, potatoes at $8.73M, and carrots at $6.25M.

For a detailed report, visit the USDA’s Website.

In 2014, the organic industry in the U.S. topped out at $5.5 billion.  The largest producer was California at $2.2 billion.  Washington came in at #2, Oregon finished at #4.

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Washington Organic Sales Near $515 Million

Photo: USDA