Washington Wine Commission Accepting Grant Proposals for Research

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Viticulture and Enology researchers can now apply grants for their work through the Washington State Wine Commission.

Commission Research Program Manager Melissa Hansen said their latest round of funding can make a major impact.

“Past research has been game changing within the industry. Things like integrated pest management that have cut pesticide use by 80 percent. Irrigation treatments that help create smaller berries in red wine and improve flavors.”

To apply for the grant money the principal investigator must be at a public institution and investigating one of the topics from the commission’s research priority list.

Hansen hopes that these kinds of research project can help with the Commission’s long-term goals.

“Research touches all aspects of the wine industry, both on the viticulture and the enology side. We’re hoping that as we continue and build this research program that we’ll create a robust, world-class program for the state.”

The deadline to apply for the grants is December 12th. You can find a list of research priorities and apply for the grant on the Washington Wine Commission’s research website.


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Picture: Courtesy of WSU