WFB Retro/Safety

When it comes to retro programs, Farm Bureau Retro/Safety has been around since the beginning — 1984. Overall we are among the largest when it comes to refunds, with Farm Bureau Retro/Safety members earning refunds approaching $80 million.

A successful retro program is all about teamwork. The goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries, get injured workers the medical care they deserve, and get them back to work when appropriate. There is no better way to increase retro refunds than by preventing accidents in the first place! 


The Farm Bureau Difference

Washington Farm Bureau started its Retro/Safety program to be more than just a financial benefit to our members. The Retro/Safety program includes safety training, safety program development and inspections, claims management and member education.

Our successful history is by design and what we call the Farm Bureau Difference. Washington Farm Bureau has been serving agriculture and related industries for more than 78 years. We understand the needs of our members. Our history and success in agriculture is why Farm Bureau Retro/Safety is in a field of its own.

What makes Farm Bureau Retro/Safety different?

Diversification: We are the oldest and largest retro plan serving agriculture. Our large and diversified number of risk classes means we spread the risk. Since we work with all of agriculture statewide we don’t have concentrated risk in just one type of business or geographical area.

Re-Insurance: We are the only retro program in the state of Washington that is protected with a re-insurance policy and reserves. That means our members will never have an assessment. Other retro plans in the state do not offer reinsurance protection for their members.

Safety: We are committed to improving safety in the work place for our members. We have three full time safety directors who provide professional field safety inspections, risk assessments, and educational classes. Our safety programs have been nationally recognized and continue to set new benchmarks in agricultural accident prevention.

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Claims Monitoring: We have in-house claims managers who aggressively monitor L&I claims, doctors, and vocational counselors. They work with members to ensure injured workers receive appropriate care and help get them back to work as quickly as possible.

Find out if you qualify

If you believe in a safe workplace and want to receive industrial insurance refunds please fill out the Retro/Safety Program Authorization Form and send it to us so we can help you begin the application process.  FAX (Retro): 1-360-705-0419 or email.

If you have questions about enrollment contact Richard Clyne, Director of Retro/Safety, at 1-800-357-9975 ext 132 or email.

WFB Retro Safety