WSDA proposes new program for organic pot

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We’ve all seen organically grown fruits and vegetables in the super market. But now pot?

“We’re currently growing organically here at ninja gardens but we can’t certify it until standards are set,” says workers at Ninja Gardens, a local marijuana farm in Kennewick.

Washington’s billion dollar marijuana industry has proposed hiring a cannabis coordinator to promote organic growth in the industry.

“It’s about time our industry has suffered being under regulated for a long time,” says owner Steve Lee of Green2Go in Kennewick.

Lee adds that many of his customers are medical patients who are very particular about what they put inside of their bodies.

While the proposal is still pending, local marijuana business owners say organic certificate will benefit both the consumers as well as the farmers.

“The market place definitely has huge demand for organic canabis and a system they can trust for knowing that there isn’t any,” says Lee.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture will need legislative approval for a self-supporting organic marijuana certification program.

If approved the department estimates the certification fee for marijuana would be $1,800 per operation.

By Patricia Martellotti