WSDA Working to Keep Employees Safe Away From the Office

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Every year, many WSDA employees spend hours away from the office out in the field.  So, to improve employee safety, the state Department of Agriculture has launched a new campaign, “A Day in the Life of a WSDA Employee”.  Ron Hussung said the Department can’t understand the hazards WSDA employees face from behind a desk.

“The best way to do that is to actually get in the vehicle with that employee to spend the day with them shadow them see exactly what their work contains, and see what safety concerns they have.”

He told the Washington Ag Network, from there the WSDA compiles the information to determine what areas need to be improved, and how to make the job safer for everyone.  Hussung said changes can be as simple as better communication or improved equipment.  Hussung noted the Washington Ag community is behind the effort.

“The farmers want to make sure that the environment our employees are operating in is safe for them, because they understand the viability and vitality of agriculture.”

Hussung said currently, the biggest issues for WSDA employees include traffic, and tripping hazards.

Glenn Vaagen

Washington Ag Network