Webinar Series

Webinar: 9 Steps to Safety Excellence
Presenter: Jeff Lütz, Safety Director with Washington Farm Bureau

Recorded on: September 30, 2019  

Find archived recording, here

Summary description: Are you frustrated that your employees continue to get injured despite your making monetary investments into your workplace safety programs and training? Are your bothered that accidents continue to cost your business time and money? The problem may not be a lack of monetary resources, but a missing strategic plan to attack accidents and make accident prevention part of your company culture. This webinar will focus on the proven steps to creating a stellar safety culture at your company where everyone from the top-down and bottom-up live and breathe accident prevention on a daily basis.

During the 9-Steps to Safety Excellence webinar Jeff Lutz, will walk you through the 9-Step to Safety systematic approach for creating a safe workplace, and a labor force that thinks accident prevention in every job they perform.


Webinar: How to Control Your Industrial Insurance Rates
Presenter: Richard Clyne, Claims Director with Washington Farm Bureau
Recorded On: September 20, 2019

Find archived recording, here

Summary description: As an agricultural employer, you may know that industrial insurance rates can fluctuate each year depending on the accident history of your business. The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) provides industrial insurance for a majority of agricultural businesses in Washington and it ultimately determines what your annual rates will be set at. However, you do have a lot of control as to how much your rates increase, or decrease, each year by controlling the claim costs associated with the accidents that your employees experience.

Richard Clyne will introduce you to the industrial insurance claims process and your role in managing employee claims. He will share with you best practices that you can implement in your business to keep worker’s compensation claims costs from sky rocketing.




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